Your life depends on power. Make sure that when the power goes off, your life can go on. Having a home or office generator can ensure your family or employees’ comfort, even in the midst of a power outage, and Mayeux’s Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC can help. We offer generator installation the Greater New Orleans area can count on.

At Mayeux’s, we employ experienced, professional technicians that have been specializing in generators for years. We’re a family-owned endeavor with over 35 years in the business of steadfastly serving Southeast Louisiana.

Learn more about how we can keep you and your loved ones safe and comfortable.

House with a generator

How Our Generators Work

Generator outside a home

Generators are your family’s failsafe against a natural disaster. Storms like Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Isaac remind us of the incredible force of Mother Nature, yet there are steps we can take to effectively “fight back” against these storms and prepare our homes for the probability of an extended period without power.

Generator installation and service by factory trained technicians are key here. When a storm hits and knocks out your primary source of power, a Kohler generator from Mayeux’s will automatically activate after sensing the power outage. Inside of a minute, the Kohler generator sends power to your home. Once your permanent power is restored to your home, then your Kohler generator senses this and goes into a cool down mode and then powers itself off.

Generator Options and Services

At Mayeux’s Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC, we also service generators. We’re well-versed on all types of generators, and we’re highly knowledgeable when it comes to advising on generator loads. Mayeux’s Air Conditioning and Heating LLC, understands and knows the havoc that can be caused by permanent power being lost to homes. As a Kohler Platinum dealer, Mayeux’s offers quick efficient installation, repairs and maintenance for all Kohler Brand generators.

One of the most important aspects of installing a generator is figuring out the load you’ll want your generator to carry. A generator that supplies a higher number of watts will power more appliances and items in your home whenever you lose power. The tradeoff is that these generators require more fuel to run. We’ll provide you with an estimate depending on the size of your home, your air conditioner size, and all the variety of appliances you may wish to have fully operational when power is lost. Alternatively, we can even supply you with a generator that will power your entire house in the event of a storm.

Contact us for service or maintenance on your Kohler generator or if you would like a quote on a new Kohler Generator.

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