Heat Pumps

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If you are seeking a functional way to heat and cool your home, check out heat pumps in Norco and St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, from Mayeuxs AC & Heating.

A heat pump is a combined heating and cooling system, making it perfect for hotter climates. It distributes heat outside or shifts heat inside your property, depending on the time of year.

You can conserve even more on power bills by selecting an energy-efficient ENERGY STAR® heat pump. Specific highly efficient units can be combined with solar systems, which can cut your heating and cooling expenses by up to half.

You could also join some heat pumps with a gas furnace to make a dual-fuel system. Contingent on temperatures and heating requirements, the model flawlessly switches between gas and electricity. This can keep your family more comfortable while allowing you save fuel.

Take full advantage of your heat pump’s effectiveness by pairing it with a smart thermostat. This mechanism learns your households habits and intuitively changes temperatures to increase your savings on energy.

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3 Perks of a Updated Heat Pump

Getting a new heat pump for your home provides a multitude of advantages, including:

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1. Upgraded comfort

Innovative technology on select units can hold your desired temperature position without using extra electricity. 

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2. Enhanced energy efficiency

High-efficiency heat pumps may help you save more on HVAC expenses. A few units can be adapted with a gas furnace to produce two-fuel heating. This system gives practical heating by alternating between gas and electricity depending on your needs.

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3. Quieter HVAC

Certain multistage units can work at different speeds. This means quiet comfort that can enable you to save more on power costs.

Benefit from Quieter, More Efficient Coziness with a New Heat Pump

Call us at (985) 764-2426 or contact us online soon to see just how relaxing your home can be with an updated heat pump. We provide a variety of brands and models, so we’ll help you find the right one for your household and budget.

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