Packaged Systems

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Maximize your inside and exterior location with a packaged system in Norco and St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, from Mayeuxs AC & Heating.

Packaged systems are set up outside, leaving you greater space indoors. You can place one on your rooftop or beside your home.

We provide a range of brands, models and fuel configurations, including:

  • Gas/electric
  • Electric
  • Heat pump
  • Dual fuel

Certain high-efficiency brands we provide qualify for ENERGY STAR® status, which can help you save greater on energy bills. Whatever kind you select, you can have satisfaction it will offer high-quality bliss for many years.

Reach us at (985) 764-2426 to learn more related to our all-in-one HVAC units. Our NATE-Certified professionals can help you select the right product for your demands, whether you’re concerned about saving room, spending less for utilities or both!

3 Benefits of Operating a Packaged HVAC Product

Working On A Packaged System
An all-in-one system delivers many benefits for your residence, including:
  1. Optimizing room—HVAC systems can demand a great deal of space, particularly if you don’t have a basement or large backyard. You can install a packaged product on your rooftop to free up more room outdoors and indoors.
  2. Enhanced energy performance—A dual-fuel unit uses the most efficient fuel to satisfy your heating needs, enabling you to save further on utility bills. A few types qualify for ENERGY STAR®, which can keep your residence more cozy while potentially lowering utility costs.
  3. Easy access during servicing—Given that a packaged product is set up outside, it provides ample room for our NATE-Certified professionals to perform heating and cooling checks.

We’ll Help You Determine the Right All-in-One HVAC System

Contact us at (985) 764-2426 or message us online to get started finding the correct all-in-one heating and cooling unit for your house. We’ll help you select the correct type for your household’s needs.

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